Friday, January 11, 2013

Healthy Pasta? + TGIF

 When it comes to cutting back, there are two things that I find the hardest to resist: Pasta and Bread, food for my soul I tell ya!  I try to watch what I eat and I'm always looking for ways to spin my comfort food recipes a bit healthier. 
Enter the "I can't believe it's not pasta!"  recipe that I found in doing some research on pasta alternatives yesterday.  I made this last night and it was suprisingly satisfying.  Now, it's not pasta, it's broccoli, but with a robust sauce and a healthy topping of parm, it really does the trick. 
We paired this with pesto catfish that we grilled in foil packets.

You can cook the broccoli slaw in the microwave or stove top until it is a little more tender, but it's still going to have a crunch!  Use whatever sort of sauce and spices that you like, I'm a spicy tomato girl myself.  I think this is a decent substitute for the typical pasta dish that allows me a tasty dinner roll, or maybe that second glass of wine without much guilt for a weeknight dinner (I like to save my splurges for the weekend).  I think that some sweet italian sausage would go very well with this also. 

What do you think, pasta fans?  It's worth a try!


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