Friday, January 25, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

Ok first of all, does the spelling of "surprise" look really wierd to anyone else right now??

Anyway, my surprise is that Today is Friday! 

Oh, Lindsey...
Y'all.  I lived yesterday as Wednesday.  As you can tell from my post, in my mind it was Wednesday.  I've had moments of "What day is it?" many a time, but this was by far my most confused state.  I didn't realize it was Thursday until I went to go to bed.  What the heck! And I didn't even have Monday off...
So, Surprise!!! (to me)  HAPPY FRIDAY!
Also, before I go I want to reccomend an amazing deal to you all.
So, I love Aveda products, they make me feel like everyday is Spa Day.  However, I do not spend that kind of money on shampoo so it's usually a special treat at the salon or spa.  But then, I found this:

This is THE best!!! It's around $2.50 a bottle and I tell you, it feels, smells, looks just like Aveda.  I could go on and on, I feel like I've discovered a best kept secret with this.  Buy it!
Ok then, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :)

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