Monday, September 12, 2011

Movie Favoritos!

I've decided to write about a few of my favorite movies!

My highschool years:

"While You Were Sleeping" is a really cute film!  If you don't know the plot it's basically about a girl who is mistaken for the fiance of a coma victim and as she spends time with his family, she really falls for his brother.  Yes, it sounds weird. But this is a heartwarming film, with young Sandra!  It's a Christmas time movie and it makes me feel cozy and happy.

My college years:
"Party Monster" is a crrrrrrazy movie!  It's based on a true story from the Club world of NYC back in the 90's.  All of the costumes are so wild!  Plus Chloe Sevigny is in it, and she's a cool chick.

One of my most recent fave flicks:
Another true story, "Defiance" is a really fantastic movie.  It's about a group of brothers who escape the Nazi's in Europe and go on to build a village in the forrest that keeps thousands of Jews safe and hidden until the end of the war.
I'm no movie critic, but these are worth watching if you haven't seen.
We watched "The Next Three Days" last night which was good, a few interesting twists!

 I'm dragging today and it's only Monday!
How was everyone's weekend?

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