Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's on Your Fridge?

Well first of all, Hey May how you doin! Summertime is upon us and while that doesn't excite the same as it did in college, it's still something to be happy about! In this post I'm going to share what's up on my old school refridgerator. I don't know about you, but I always find myself scoping out the pictures and cards at my friend's houses so I thought it would be fun!
So here goes:
Counterclockwise from left:
1.Paint drawing of "Le Snuggle".  Backstory: In college my roomie Abby and I shared the most wonderful quirky sense of humor (Exhibit A).  After watching this video one too many times, we began drawing animals, objects, you name it, in the Paint program and making them Frenchies.  Funny?
2. My cute cousins.  This is a super old picture but I like it :)
3. A clipping from an old Esquire: '270 Seconds to a Better Marriage' which I changed to 'A happy Girlfriend'.  I love this!
4. Coupon for a free drink at Egan and Sons (anyone been here?) and a pretty post card from an art gallery visit.
5. One of my brother's menus (From a dinner he prepared at my bff's Bachelorette party years ago.  Anyone looking for a private event chef, let me know!) Also pictured my other bffs Save the Date!
6. Some convenient business cards, and a snap of my girls!

1. This is a magnet clip that holds cards, invitations, etc.  I probably need to sort through it before it falls!
2.  My former boss' father was best friends with my great grandfather.  He gave me this photo of them all out on the town!
3.  My beautiful grandmother!  My aunt had this calendar made for everyone for Christmas.

That's all I've got!  Now, what's on your fridge?
Happy Thursday (It's my friday woop woop!)

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