Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Happy Monday to all, but more importantly Happy Cince de Mayo.
I have a cold Modelo waiting for me in the fridge & all the fixins for burritos tonight!
This weekend was a three day one for me, which is always a good thing.
After work on Thursday K and I met our minister for another Counseling session.  
(see also pink and white nails that were $5.00 at Sally Beauty)
 We have decided that Pre-marital counseling nights=date nights which gives us time to reflect and focus even more on our relationship.  This week we enjoyed the fried okra and some beers at Bohemian Bull.
Best fried okra ever (Carters Kitchen's was awesome too but I think they closed?)!
Friday was disappointingly dreary but I still enjoyed my day off around the house.
 We skipped the Riverdogs Game because it was just sort of gloomy but we caught the fireworks in the Cali Dreaming parking lot.  Friday fireworks are half the reason I love the games anyway.
Saturday we attended a charity event out on Goldbug Island. 
I had never been to Goldbug before so it was fun to visit.
We really enjoyed sitting out on the dock for the sunset.
I got this cup from the Dollar Tree, perfect for a picnic or day on the boat.
This brings us to beautiful Sunday!
I spent a couple hours at the pool and we grabbed Bagel Nation before heading down to Quiksilver so K could pick up some new baggies.
 Ended it all with a family stroll, chicken breasts on the grill,
and THAT is how you do a weekend my friends!
How was yours?

Save the Dates went out this past Friday so stay tuned for the details!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend..sunset views on the water are perfection in my book!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is so cool that your brother is a chef at The Mac!


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