Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Way Back Wednesday

Hey y'all!  How is the week going so far?
Today I'm throwing back to 2001 and sharing my highschool yearbook photos!
I've mentioned before, but I must reiterate my love/hate relationship with tweezers during this time in my life.
I was not a party girl during highschool so it seems like my only experimentation was with my eyebrows.
Here we go!
2001, Freshman Year.  In this photo I can see a little bubble above my head saying "Take the picture already!!!"
2002, Sophomore Year.  I loved this shirt, I remember it was my "First Day of School" shirt.  It was lace and had bows at the sleeves.   
 This pic is also from my Sophomore Yearbook.  It's for Spanish Club.  I love this pic because two of my bridesmaids are right next to me, Carrie and Kristina!
 2003, Junior Year.  Hello color photo!  Way to step it up JI! 
 And here I am in National Art Honors Society with another bridesmaid, Chels! 
2004, Senior Year.  My Senior Portrait. This picture makes me happy.
Oh and here is a snap of the "Class of 2004" group:

And just for fun, here is Flave, James Island HighSchools Male Dance Crew.  They made the pep rallies!

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