Monday, May 12, 2014

Life Lately

Hey hey!
How is everyone's May going so far?
This past Monday we had a little fiesta at home, with a few Corona Lights decked in their own Corona bottle ponchos: 
Tuesday night was my Choo's first Bridal Shower!  Here we are looking rather posed but happy :)
Doesn't her dress remind you of Beauty and the Beast?
 Wednesday and Thursday nights were much needed detox/spa nights. 
I felt very awkward in this mask, like I couldn't move or talk right.  It was sort of like when I wear gloves or mittens and feel like I can't use my hands normal.  Does that make sense?
 Friday I left work early to zip up to Columbia for my girl Abby's Medical School Graduation.
Talk about inspiring!
Congrats to Doctor Case!
On Saturday, several "James Island High School Class of 2004" friends and I decided to hit Folly for a quasi-reunion.  I didn't get any snaps of our whole group (it was more of a drop-in) but WOW- Folly turned into the Caribbean this weekend.  I have never in all of my 28 years as a beach bunny seen the water like this.  It was absolutely beautiful and even better in person.
No filter or editing here.
Recognize this porch
And finally yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, as usual, with Brunch at home. 
I'll share my menu in a post later this week, it was delish!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
I'm ready for another one!
Too soon?

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