Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 It's Alive!  My camera, that is.
It's still acting funky but here are just a few snaps from the weekend:
Friday night we went to Al di La for Ladies Night Out.  We sat on their patio and it was so beautiful... and so are my friends:
The earrings I'm wearing are the ones I mentioned from the sale Friday.
I didn't bring my camera to the beach Saturday, but here is a snap of a delicious Publix sub with their 9 grain bread.
This is an italian I got for my dad, but I always special order Cajun turkey with Smoked Gouda. 
I tell you there is nothing better than a sub at the beach.
Yum yum yum!
Sunday we walked around downtown for an hour or so, here shown stopping by our Reception Venue:
Followed by a lazy night on the couch with our babe.
Here is a hilarious close-up of Alfie zoned out on K's lap.  Silly sweetie! 

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