Friday, February 1, 2013


There is no confusion this week, today is Friday and I am a happy girl.  What up February!
Here are some thoughts for today:

This is an interesting image that was attached to article on CNN yesterday.  Sometimes it feels like things are changing and moving so fast, I'm actually comforted by the notion that things maybe haven't really changed all that much.
 I want to make my own Apple Chips this weekend!  I'm not going to be adding any sugar, so wish me luck.  From what I've read I simply plan to slice (sliver) and bake at 200' for 90 minutes or so.  Any tips?
Hey hey hot pink jeans!  Someone give me style advice here, I'm thinking a nuetral (nude) top, or stripes.  I'm not into neon but my Valentines heart took hold of me when I saw these on sale.

Ok and last, who else watches Dual Survival?? 
It's on Discovery, Tuesdays at 9 pm.  Essentially it features two survivalists, each from opposite backgrounds, trying to work together to make it out of challenging wilderness scenarios.  Great dynamics!
I was anxious to see who would replace Dave this season and so far I'm liking Joe, but not 100% sold.   

That's all I've got, Happy Weekend to you!


  1. My husband is OBSESSED with dual survivor!

    1. of all the survival type shows, this is one i can actually get into!


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