Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bag Lady

I've never been very touchy regarding people looking through my purse, I've got nothing to hide! Strangers, no. But family and friends, dig on in! My bag is your bag. I feel like Whitney Houston.

You've seen this purse!

Advil. Shades. Manicure kit. Business Card holder. Keys. Notebook. MAC gloss. Wallet.

Kind of boring, actually. Like I said, I've got nothing to hide. And I am NOT a fan of a junky purse. I shudder seeing people rifle through receipts and crumbs from months back. What's this all about?


  1. I agree! I keep my stuff in little zip make up bags so I can move stuff into a new purse at any given moment!

  2. There may be something growing in mine, but I always seem to have what you may need: granola bar, camera, tampons, bra, jewelry, 3 pairs of scratched sunglasses, pens, paperclips, makeup, etc..and of course tons of what I like to call "scrap paper"


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