Monday, August 22, 2011

Here we go!

Last night we cooked some chicken on the grill and K made my favorite marinade:

That's buffayaki y'all.

My friend Brittany and I fell in love with Buffayaki at Gene's. (Has anyone heard that Wocka Flocka song? Well, we changed it to say Buffayaka Flocka. It's amazing how many laughs we still get out of singing our little buffayaki song. Wow, Am I really rambling about this right now?)

Before the meal we had sesame crackers with Tomato basil cheddar.

I bought a bottle of my favorite wine:

I really am more of a beer girl, but I love this! New Zealand wine country is one of my top dream vacations, I would definitely make a stop by this vineyard.

This is sort of an awkward post.

No, no, I'll show you awkward:

Dang! You'd think she'd just say "I don't want to do any meet and greets" and spare these poor people!

Anyway, Here we go!

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  1. umm what is going on with britney and why does she look like a drag queen...


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