Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog Days

K and I have been talking about getting a puppy at the beginning of next year.  Alfie will be the best big brother ever!

We've been debating over breeds!  I don't want another small dog.  Alfie is a low rider, you see.  He's short and thick (I like to think it's all muscle)... He's 30 lbs!   I don't want a lap dog but I'm aware that the size of our home is not sufficient for a large animal.
K talks about a shih tzu:

Cute, but not my style.

My dream dog is a wheaton terrior:

Holy moly, how cool is he!

But I think we're in agreement in our love for our state dog, the boykin:

We know a breeder and hopefully there will be a litter sometime within the next 6 months...
I can't wait to have another little chunk running around the house!

Does anyone have any advice on breeds?


  1. How about you DON'T support the breeding industry and adopt?! Do your research about animal cruelty and how the Chinese language actually sounds.

  2. We've talked a lot about adopting, it's my preference. But my boyfriend really wants a specific breed and I'm not going to fight about it, I love all animals! Ofcourse I will research any breeder should we choose to go that route. Thank you, I respect your passion!

  3. Little Alfanator was adopted! Laura also has a tendency to pick up strays from the beach...spread love not hate!! xoxo

  4. Laura its mattie! i keep on these things but dont have one of my own (coming soon) Shiztu laura, i love peanut and youve seen pictures these dogs would be alfies best friend for life. Peanut is quiet and happy and is about as cool of a dude as alf, bc he hangs out and does what he want. Ps, email me soon, miss you!


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