Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Well, I fell down the stairs at work yesterday and twisted both ankles. So I'm stuck on the couch with my feet elevated and just thinking about how clumsy I am.  I'm hoping to be back up tomorrow!
Before I felt the effects of my tumble yesterday, I went down to the library for my investment club meeting.  I arrived a bit early and so I went upstairs to look around the non-fiction section.  Have I mentioned before my love of the library??  In highschool it was probably my number 1 hang out.  They have these little raffles at the Young Adult desk and I swear I won them once a month.
Anyway, I picked up this:

It's a pretty fun read, mainly for the pictures, and an AWESOME sangria recipe.  White wine and grand marnier? I'll take two.
There is also a section on Halloween.  I plan my Halloween costumes way in advance.  My company has a HUGE Halloween party and this year I will be:

I will make the costume myself of course (I never buy the party store costumes!)

Also, K and I are going to go out as a couple as.....
Dave and Cody!
If anyone knows who I'm talking about please tell me!?? I'm trying to get an idea if people will understand our costume!

So, Do you like going to the library?
& Am I the only one who plans Halloween costumes so soon?

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