Monday, December 10, 2012

Give or Take, or both?

Happy Holidays friends! 
This weekend was spent Christmas shopping: running around town,  laughing all the way :) .
I buy a lot of my boxes, ribbons, tape, etc at Dollar Tree and on my trip Saturday I found the inspiration for some Holiday treats.  I typically give out treats to family/friends/neighbors with whom I'm not exchanging gifts but want to give a little something.  In past years I've given Chocolate Dipped Ritz, Pistachio Cookies, etc.. usually in a tin or on a home-made cake stand
This year I'm switching it up because I found the cutest popcorn containers:

I'm planning to fancy up some popcorn,dark chocolate and cherry popcorn anyone?, and wrap in these containers for a festive look! 
Also,  I'm looking for a new cookie recipe...does anybody have a must-bake recipe for me??

In other news, I know this is the season of giving but I just had to take a couple things for myself. 
I saw this sweater over on Tieka's blog and absolutely fell in love with it! 
 I bought it and wore it and felt like a little lambchop the entire time.
It is an unbelievable soft and cuddly sweater. 

I also picked up these snake hoops at World Market the other day. 
And golly, isn't that store just a dream?
Ok that's all I've got for you today.  I may upload some photos tonight, I may not.   I've got my Bible Study group coming over for dinner.  I'm making pulled pork sliders and fresh corn casserole!

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