Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Traditions...

 Happy Holidays from me and my DEER friend :)

So, let's talk about Christmas traditions...
I absolutely love hearing about people's unique Christmas traditions. 
I was very inspired by Stephanie's post regarding her new tradition of paying for the next person in line's meal at some point this year...  what a simple and thoughtful gift to pass on!
At our house there are a couple traditions that are non-negotiables:
Every year my friend Abby and I make the time to get together to bake and decorate cookies.  It's a fun time to catch up, and enjoy a little creative therapy.  This past weekend was our fourth year doing it!
One of my favorite traditions has to be Christmas Karaoke.  There is no denying that I love Karaoke, and so do my friends.  We make a point to, after all the family festivities are through, head to our Neighborhood Karaoke and carol it out on Christmas night!
We also have the typical traditions: Decorating the tree while sipping champagne, Holiday Festival of Lights, Candlelight Service, etc...
K's family takes a shot of Rumplemintz together on Christmas Eve! 
Please share any non-traditional traditions with me!  I would love to hear...

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