Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Foolish Decisions

Have you read this article yet?

Charleston woman charged after police find dog tied to bench downtown

"Charleston police arrested her after they say she left her dog tied to a bench on George Street. She was charged with cruelty to animals, according to jail records."

After I saw this yesterday afternoon, I couldn't stop thinking about it and found it hard to form a solid opinion.  I guess I felt torn because I myself made foolish decisions while drinking during my college years.  Granted, I knew that I was nowhere near responsible enough to care for an animal at that point it time, but it still resonated with me that this girl perhaps did not think before acting in this case and did not realize what she was really doing, from a sober perspective.  I am appalled by animal cruelty and can't bare to see them mistreated.  But I'm also curious if this situation escalated as it did partly due to the fact that this dog seemed aggressive and also that she was passed out from underage drinking... I'm not saying she wasn't very wrong.   I have a neighbor that leaves his dog  tied up outside his back porch sometimes, not to be cruel, but to let the dog take in a little sunshine.  With that I recognize this was very early in the morning and not in the dog's best interest.  Like I said, my opinion is up in the air.  She was very wrong but  I'm not sure that I agree to her face being on the front page of Post and Courier online (yesterday) and some of the heated comments.  I would not be suprised if this ruins her life here in Charleston and she will most likely drop out and leave town once all court matters are settled.  All I can say is that this is a news story that really made me think.  Perhaps also in part because I swear I saw this girl and her dog at Juanita's downtown last time we were there!  What do you think???

Well, speaking of foolish decisions...
I went out on a weeknight and I am paying for it!
We just can't seem to walk past Cypress without being sucked in for a martini, or 2.
And on a Tuesday!? 
There is way too much week left for me to have even the slightest alcohol induced headache.
But we had a great time celebrating K's birthday!

Happy Hump Day!
More celebrations tonight...all the way through the New Year!
Happy Holidays from us :)

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  1. Mmmm....those look like lavender martinis. My fave! I'll have to read that article......
    Merry Christmas!


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