Friday, July 8, 2016

Pregnancy Journal: My Second Trimester Essentials (+Ikea Recs)

The second trimester was really great for me, especially when compared with my first.  I actually had a hard time putting together this list because, besides being overwhelmingly busy with house projects, the last three + months have really just been normal day to day life.

But never the less, here are a few things that have helped me through this (easy) stage of pregnancy.
Portable AC Unit
We purchased this last summer when our AC was out over a long weekend and the repairman was unavailable until Tuesday.  Best. Purchase. Ever.
Charleston has been blazing hot lately and we've been using this in our bedroom at night, keeping us extra extra cool.

I don't remember the last time, except at the movie theater or on Halloween, that I ate candy.  It's generally something I stay away from because, well, it's pure junk.  But during the last few months I've been treating myself to Reese's or Dark Chocolate Raisinets about once a week.
QVC, specifically Isaac Mizrahi Live
This is a weird one because I have never watched home shopping network in my life before becoming pregnant.  I think it has something to do with my lack of social life this year, but I found myself turning this on and getting engrossed more times than I care to admit.  I never purchased anything but I really do love Isaac Mizrahi and still treasure a few of the dresses he did for Liz Claiborne. 
Sidenote: What is this photo of the large dog in the background?  
Bedroom Slippers  
I have the most annoying pair of white bedrooms slippers that I bought in St. Barths (which is a whole story in itself, remind me to tell you one day.  A french girl tried to trick us into paying for each shoe individually)  Anyway, they are obnoxiously loud when I walk yet extremely comfortable.  I have never really been a slipper person but now I'm reaching for them every night after my shower.  I am lucky thus far to not have any aches or pains associated with pregnancy, but I still love the extra cushion.
See, sort of a lame list, right?  I wanted to mention that I haven't purchased a pregnancy pillow.  I truly haven't felt the need which I thought I'd share because so many people have made it seem like you absolutely can't make it without one.  I am doing just fine.
I am also still using my Cocoa Butter and, of course, taking my prenatals. 
I took gummies in the first trimester, due to morning sickness, but I'm now back to my Nature's Bounty, which is what I took even before getting pregnant.
Ok, Ikea!
My mom and I are heading to Charlotte next weekend for a quick trip to Ikea.
I think we will also be heading to Southpark mall and the Cheesecake Factory before staying with my aunt in Asheville for the night.
Here are the items on my list so far but, as this is my first trip, I'm searching for all Ikea must buys.
Please do share if you have any!

I have heard great things about this chair and for the price, I may grab two!

I want some basic, inexpensive nightstands for our guest room.  
I plan on picking up at least 10 of these frames.  We are wanting to display wedding and vacation photos and I'm all about a uniform look.

What else??
This weekend is my best friend's baby shower and we are all looking so forward to it.
I will share photos next week. 
I hope y'all have a good one!

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