Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekend Snaps

I sure hope this work week is a quick one.
I am anxious to get to Friday because we are setting up our girl's nursery this weekend!  I'm also revved up on window treatments after buying Ikea out of curtain rods.  So, yea!  We had a good trip to Ikea.  The store was a bit overwhelming but I really stuck to my list so I'm happy...with one exception.  I accidentally purchased the nightstands with the "wireless charging capabilities", meaning I paid double what I intended..bummer.
But it was overall a good experience. We were inside for 3 hours and we didn't even walk the showroom, we spent the entire time in the marketplace.  You could easily spend a full day in there.  I really recommend wearing athletic shoes.
Here I am in the parking lot.
If I look awkward in this photo, it's because I was!
But I am making a determined effort to take more photos of myself during this pregnancy.
I found my gingham maternity top at Sears for something like $10.  It was one of the only department stores that had a maternity section and then I went in a second time and poof! it was gone.
I have also found a few maternity basics at Burlington.
From Ikea we hit the road and stopped for lunch at a Moes in Gastonia.
There was no time for the mall if we wanted to make it to Asheville at a decent hour.  I think we must have really built up our appetites because we both felt like our meals were the best thing we'd ever tasted!  
We ended up getting to my aunt's house around 5:30 and had a quiet, early to bed night.  The mountain weather was such a welcome reprieve from the oppressive heat we've been having here in Charleston.  According to their thermometer, it was 62 on their porch Sunday morning. 
We left mid-day and, even though it was a super short trip, it was still a relaxing night away. 
In other news, this is my favorite La Croix flavor to date.  The watermelon is perfect for summer.  Also, have y'all noticed the label on the boxes that says "Calorie-Sweetener-Sodium=INNOCENT!"   Clearly the company is passionate about it.
Oh, and we have decided we are going to do a little beach getaway before baby. 
We had initially thought 'No' because of the new house and wanting to save save save, but we both agree that we need a little escape together. I booked the house last week and I am already so excited, planning my menu and packing list.  August 26th can't come soon enough!
I hope y'all are having a good week!

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