Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday

Hey hey, I posted this a little early before realizing it is actually Tuesday! Yay!
There is no method to my madness today, just random thought bubbles comin' at ya.

I took an extra tampon and a couple Q'tips for my purse from the Barre Studio changing room. Shhhh!

I can not keep frozen pizza in the house, for it's my weakness of all weaknesses.  Carry-out, Delivery, Homemade-I can maintain levels of self control, however Digiorno, I will literally eat the whole damn thing.
I swear they put addictive chemicals in it.

I'm pretty sure I can tell if someone has bad breath just from how they look, even just from a photo.  It's not a yellow teeth or 'dirty' look, it's something else that I can only describe as the "bad breath look".

For some reason I always crunch on a raw noodle when waiting for the water to boil.  It's almost like each time I think that it will taste good?

Someone from Goat Island Gatherings came by today to discuss our company Holiday Party.  I couldn't help but laugh at the prospect of being literally stuck on an island with my coworkers...

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