Friday, October 24, 2014


Happy Friday!
I am wishing I could transport myself back to the treehouse this weekend.  
I'm sure the fall foliage is in full swing!
This week was pretty hectic.  I am beginning to have what I've dubbed "Bride Brain".  I'm in a perpetual state of feeling like I'm forgetting something.  But I'm still enjoying pulling everything together.
We are now less than a month from walking down the aisle!
In other news, My coworker brought his new pup, Frankie, to the office last week.
He is precious and I want him as a wedding gift. 
 As the end of the year approaches, more and more salespeople are calling and stopping by my office trying to schmooze their way into a little year end quota.  
Just this week we had donuts dropped off twice by two different reps.
I don't really like donuts but think they are super cute!
I don't think I mentioned it on the blog, but we had a fantastic night on Folly celebrating my mom's birthday earlier this month. 
 We ran into Costco, aka "Where did my money go Depot", to get some K cups and came out with these two tasty treats.  It was the perfect Sunday night dinner combo...
And last, I am currently trying to figure out what spa treatment to book for the day before the wedding.  Just fyi, I was trying to get my face out of the shadow in this pic, hence my cockeyed look.
It kind of reminds me when I say "Wanna treat?" to Alfie. 
That's all for today.
We are possibly seeing Gone Girl tonight and have a Halloween Party to attend tomorrow.
Have a fab weekend!

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