Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Randoms

Here are a few miscellaneous thoughts for a sunny Tuesday morning...
It seems like every toothpaste claims to whiten these days, however Colgate Optic White is the only brand I have actually seen a difference using.  I always check if it's on sale and snatch it up when it is. Great product!
I made Newman's Own Beef and Broccoli for dinner Sunday night.
K put it over a bag of ready rice, but I just had it by itself.
I really liked it, K said "needs more beef".

Have you heard about Lilly's After Party Sale??
That's partly sarcastic because every single blog I read has linked to it, 
but anyway.  I grabbed this bag for $19.  It is labeled an Ipad case however the reviews indicate that it's perfect as an oversized clutch.  I personally think it is THE bag for my honeymoon!
I saw this Skinnygirl Mommy Kit at Marshall's West Ashley for $5.  
Wouldn't this be the perfect little surcee for any newly pregnant friends?

This is one wedding pin that I know I will actually use.  K and I agreed that we would each buy eachother a new scent to wear throughout November and on our Wedding day.

What you got going on this mornin'?

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