Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Weekend

I mentioned in Friday's post that we were going to take a lesson for our first dance. 
Well, it was a learning experience in more ways than one.  When looking into dance studios I initially googled "Wedding Dance Lessons Charleston, SC".
The first to pop up was Fred Estaire, so I called them.
I spoke with the instructor at length regarding what I was looking for and felt like he understood, 
but upon arrival at our private lesson I realized we were not on the same page.
The instructor was very knowledgeable and a nice enough guy, but he insisted upon teaching us the foxtrot, and spent the majority of the lesson trying to upsell us on a package.
Buyer Beware: This is a hard-sell.  I am not a shopper that can get sucked in by a sales pitch, but I have never had a sales person push so much.  I felt like I was being held prisoner until I would commit.
I did not, but it was very uncomfortable.
After the interesting 'lesson', we decided to turn the night around with our favorite, Basil.
The past couple times we have eaten here we've sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen, it's a lot of fun to watch them cook. 
 Saturday my mom and I did a little shopping.  I am on the hunt for a new camera before all of the wedding festivities begin!  Later K grilled tuna steaks for dinner with a honey ginger glaze.  
 And I think it's safe to say I went stir crazy with all the rain yesterday.  
We went to Paisano's to grab a pizza and I was cracking myself up with this face.
I'm actually still chuckling.
We were the only ones in the restaurant, I want to point that out.
And as for today, it is GO TIME.
It's time to get serious about wedding prep,
 so I am breaking down my list and setting weekly goals.
Have a great Monday!

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