Thursday, July 31, 2014

Technology Talk

There are many aspects of K and I's relationship that I consider unique.
But there is one thing that I'm certain you would consider unique as well...
And that is that neither of us have smart phones.  (Status Update: Soulmates)
I'm sure that many of you saw this video floating around Facebook.
I can't help but smirk at the irony of so many 'friends' sharing a video online that is all about not sharing online. I believe this video was created to go viral, so to me it loses all merit.
K and I are the only people I know (except for my parents) that don't use Smart phones.
We are the only couple I know that kisses goodbye in the morning and, with exception to the occasional 'be home a little late' message, doesn't communicate until we get home from work.
We don't g-chat, DM, tweet, Snapchat, or Instagram.
We e-mail eachother occasionally, but never conversationally.
And I really like it this way.
I picture so many couples texting all day long, only to be at home together and sit playing on their phones.
In general though, I can't figure out if this makes people more connected, or detached.
There are two schools of thought that I can understand,
One is reflected in this quote from Einstein:

The other is displayed in the advertisement by Apple for their iPhone, which obviously skews the message because of course Apple thinks Apple is amazing:

I am in awe of the capabilities displayed in this commercial.
Of course I love using technology, I'm a blogger after all!
And it's not that I don't see that it can be fun, I absolutely love playing with Tinder on my girl Abby's iphone.

But you will never catch me head down, face in a phone.

What are your thoughts on the subject?
I assume most everyone uses a smartphone nowadays.  If you do, do you struggle to put it away, or do you successfully limit your usage?
Let's talk technology!
p.s. This post was inspired by Christina's.

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  1. Personally I have tried to take a major step back from my phone except for taking pictures when I am with people. I am guilty of being a bit attached but I have done pretty darn well with putting it down and enjoying being with the people around me and not just being next to them with my face in the phone!


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