Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July Weekend

This past weekend was not for the faint of
A huge group of us traveled down to Tybee Island last Thursday to celebrate the future Mrs. Moore.
For those who haven't been, Tybee Island reminded me of a cross between IOP and Myrtle.
It was literally a non stop party, from Thursday afternoon cocktails to Sunday morning mimosas...
And it kicked my butt.
So let me start my recap:
I found one of those American flags for my car on the ride up.
Thursday we arrived around 4 pm and after unpacking we cracked open and beer a played Cards for Humanity with the group.  I had really high hopes for this game, I love Apples to Apples so much, but it wasn't nearly as funny as I expected.

After getting freshened up, we hit the strip on Tybee to have dinner and watch the fireworks.

We went to a place called Fannie's right on the front beach, where we met the Tybee Island Pirate.
I'm sad this photo is so blurry!  The pirate informed me that he is available for parties and turtle crawls?
Kudos to Ashlyn, little one below, for organizing the weekend!
Love you ashkakaboomboom. 
Friday, Happy 4th of July!
We got decked out and ready to hit the beach.
 After a long day at the beach, I volunteered to "woman" the grill.  I've always been intimidated by charcoal grills, that's all K will use, but I surprised myself. Sitting out by the grill was probably my favorite part of the trip, it reminded me of a typical night at home with my babes.
 Of course we had to sparkler it up before taking the town.
 I'd like to introduce you to my alter ego for the night, she is just too cool:
 Is it just me, or is the crazy bleach side mullet working for me?
I realized that I was actually wearing the wig backwards and sideways, which kind of sums up my whole weekend now that I think about it.
We were the "crazy people"!
Saturday was another beach day.
I came back to the house early so I could get in a run before our 3rd night out.
We all wore black while Chels was in white.
Here we are at dinner.  
We went to Jazz'd in Savannah (can't recommend enough).
 After dinner we went all over downtown Savannah. 14 girls in the elevator of the Bohemian!

Late night bad decision:
Sunday morning we had a lingerie shower brunch and then I booked it back to Charleston and to my bed.
It was so much fun celebrating Chelsea, and I can't believe the wedding is just a week away!
Tell me, what's your favorite part of Bachelorette Parties?

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