Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a blast celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Moore this weekend!
From the rehearsal dinner at the round Holiday Inn, to the wedding at Magnolia Plantation's Carriage House, it was beautiful!
Here are some moments I captured along the way...
Kristina and I tried our best to get a picture with the gorgeous views, but that glare just wouldn't stop:
 Me and ze bride:
 My man:
 Ashlyn, the bride's sister and maid of honor.  I love this girl!
 Wedding day!  Choo's dress and veil were stunning!  
 My escort, Ashlyn's husband-to-be Justin:
 Photobombs by Jeremy ©
 Bridesmaids gone wild!
 Needless to say, Sunday was rough.
But we pulled it together because there was a special birthday to celebrate,
K's poppa!
Here they are together at Carolina's Spring game this past April.
Happy Birthday Poppa!
How was your weekend??

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