Monday, April 7, 2014

Fare thee Well, Weekend

((As I mentioned last week, we are making our way through all past seasons of Game of Thrones. One side effect of this is I can't stop talking in a Medieval fashion. So for this Monday's Weekend Report, you can enjoy my Lannister lingo :))
Greetings my lords and ladieships,
This past Friday 'twas most splendid!
I wore a special dress of silver and pink stripes!
With accessories of diamonds, fur, and basketweave.
My lord and I ventured North, to the Isle of the Palms, for some ale at thee WindJammer.
Twas most beauteous and we enjoyed beakers all around!
And perhaps some milk of the poppy!
Saturday was most pleasant as we spent the majority in our own castle.
We feasted upon steaks of tuna, yellow rice, and cheesy broccoli.
A royal spread, 'twas most delicious.

Sunday I went to Brunch with House Diedrick.  I did not access my camera so I have naught to show for it!
What say you??
Mehopes you did enjoy thy weekend!
Fare thee well my good people!

Ha! That was fun!
See y'all later this week :)

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