Monday, January 6, 2014

Misc. Monday

Hey everyone! I have some random things to share with you this Monday morning...
Unfortunately my computer shut off last week and will not come back on, so I can not share my camera snaps, but here are some updates based on what's captured on my phone.
First things first: I found my dress!!!!
All I will say is that it is by Jim Hjelm and I bought it from The Bridal House of Charleston.
And I'm in LOVE!
Mom and I stopped by California Dreaming for some champagne and nachos to celebrate: 
Cali Dreaming has the best nachos y'all.
Friday night we caught up with some friends and met their puppy baby Murray.  He's just about the sweetest thing you ever did see.  Our puppy fever comes at the perfect time because we are babysitting sweet Penny (Alfie's gf) this weekend and we're so happy about it :) 
Has anyone braved the crowds at H&M recently?
I went in and waited in line for this $4 necklace: 
I love the way it layers with my pearl.
And last, yesterday we took down all of the Christmas decorations and I miss them already.
 Here is my attempt at using my headband to make a star on the tree. 
This was after several glasses of champagne and I was so tickled by my genius idea.
That is all I have to share today. 
Stay warm friends!

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