Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pet Names

What is going on y'all!  I am so very happy it's already Wednesday!
We are going to Poogan's for Rollback Saturday night, and hopefully winning big at a Silent Auction on Sunday.  Lots to look forward to :)
The other night I was just laying in bed listening my little Alfie boy snoozing beside me and I had a thought.  Is there any other sound so sweet as a cooing baby, or in my case, a puppy baby?
A close second for me is the sound of K's laughter, there is nothing more delightful in my book!
In the 4 years that I've had Alfie, my little nicknames for him have run the gamut.
Food:  meatball, blueberry, sugarplum, alfredo
Anything followed by "boo": sugar boo, stinky boo, booger boo
Random:  Sweet sweet, Angel, Chunkamonk
I just love this baby boy so much. He was sent to me from Heaven, of that I'm sure!!!
That is all.

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