Friday, January 31, 2014

Catch Up

Phew, I am so happy we survived the "Great Freeze" here in Charleston.
According to FB,
my Uncle in Atlanta was not so lucky and had to spend the night in a Kroger!
I had a chance to upload some random photos from a while back last night.
Here we go!
We had a yummy family dinner out at Glass Onion recently.
And what would a night out with my family be without shuffleboard at Gene's? 
A friendly flock visiting my condo parking lot:
Christmas Charcuterie!
My brother's masterpiece, now featured at The Macintosh.
And a LeaMond Christmas jam session.  Alfie is totally feelin the music.
I bought a pack of fake nails from Wal-mart, and they actually worked great.  They lasted about a week before they started popping off.  Not bad for $5.00!
Have you been to any Oyster Roasts this season??  We have!
Well, I think that gets me caught up (Christmas pics?!)
What are you up to this weekend?
We are going to the College of Charleston Homecoming Game tomorrow,
and then totally indulging in Game day fun on Sunday.

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