Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

Since I was little I've handled stress the same way: when I'm overwhelmed by my To-Do list I become paralyzed. It's hard for me to know where to begin and so I just don't. And that is how I have felt over the past month. I know it's ridiculously cliche to say, but time is just flying flying flying and I can't steady my grasp on it. I don't even remember September, and it feels like I'm still working on August errands.

I've got some major things to work through: Refinancing my condo for a better rate, Catching up on my Part-time Charity Work, and yet I'm struggling to take the first steps. I also have smaller goals to increase my Etsy Sales and Blog Readership, I want to renovate our Bathroom, get a new dishwasher, Master cleanse our closets...etc. I've harped on this before and so I want to stop here, but sometimes it helps just to admit I'm feeling crazy (!!!!) so I can move on.
And for the record I hope I give no impression that my busy=important.
This is NOT "a boast disguised as a complaint".
On an upbeat note, this Saturday is my Hallowine Party and I'm in prep mode.
So, I think there was an error on the Sale Tag for these 1.5L Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc bottles.  I got them for $5.00 each which was a savings of $10.50 per bottle!  All of the other jumbo bottles were on sale for $12.50 and I think this one was mislabeled.  I snatched all 3 remaining bottles right up! 
One thing you can expect at my parties: Prizes!
I picked this up recently for my imaginary baby,
but I think it will be a perfect gift for some of my party guests who are new aunties and mommies:

And last but not least, this gorgeous photo features my epitome of comfort food:
Chicken gravy from the drippings. 
I needed this last night to soothe my busy soul. 

How is your week treating you? 

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