Monday, October 21, 2013

Misc. Monday

Hey everyone, how was the weekend?
I worked Saturday so there wasn't much of it over here!
I did see Gravity in 3D and while the effects were fantastic, all I really thought leaving was "Boy Am I dizzy".
I am so relieved to have a bit of a cool spell coming through...
perfect for this Saturday's Hallowine Party! 
P.S. October, won't you slow down a minute?
I mentioned last week that my mom and I were going to Old Towne Creek County Park on Wednesday, and it was fun!  I wasn't so impressed with the location, marketed as "A Lowcountry Event Venue",
but it was a nice spot to have a drink. 

 A coworker of mine inspired me with her glitter nails, and I painted my own this weekend:
 I love a fresh bottle of perfume, I hate to even throw away the box!
 Oh ya know, just another day on the job... 
And I thought I would share this product because I bought it on sale, somewhat as a joke, but I can honestly say it's the best deodorant I've tried:
Not to mention the marketing, I mean smooches and cupid arrows?
I'm sold.
I hope your Monday is off to a good start!

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