Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Recap

Here are a few pics from the past few days, we've been busy!
Last Wednesday was the Our Lady of Mercy Golf Tournament.
This annual tournament is at Briar's Creek, which is a very exclusive course on John's Island. 
It's gorgeous out there:
Thursday was our Lexus event out at Westbrook Brewery. 
You have got to try their Citrus Ninja!

After these two events I was completely exhausted, so I took Friday off to get caught up with household stuff, visit the Neighborhood House, and pamper myself a little.
I got my first blowout!
And later we went to the French Quarter Art Walk that evening:
I wore my Moo Roo handbag,
This was my favorite painting:
 Oh, we celebrated our anniversary this weekend also :)
I'm glad that after Friday night we kept it very easy all weekend.
I needed to recharge for yet another busy week!
This week we've got the CML Gala AND
celebrating my mom's bithday, which is TODAY!!!!
Hope y'all had a nice weekend :)

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