Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rewind: LCE Summer picnic

A couple weeks ago I talked about my company picnic on IOP.

I didn't tell you about the contest I was organizing for the kids! I organized a Sand Castle Contest with some awesome prizes. I was hesitant to mention it before the party, as I was unsure if I would even have participants, but 7 groups competed! Success!

Here, the winners:
1st Place: $100 Regal Cinema Gift Card- I love how they actually brought army men to protect the castle!

2nd place: $75.00 Regal Cinema Gift Card- Ok, so this is a life-size computer, complete with the LCE logo! Wow! This was the second place winner, as it was created by adults, no kids.
Check out the mouse!

3rd place: $50 Regal Cinema Gift Card- Check out the alligator (crocodile?)!

Awesome turnout! I love summer, don't you?

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