Friday, June 24, 2011

Great or Granny?

I feel like this is a constant question I pose to myself, especially when shopping in secondhand stores. I tend to be attracted to "old school" fashion finds. And by "old school" I've been told I sometimes mean "old lady".

Anyway, here is my first edition of "Great or Granny?"

Getting my groove on at the gym yesterday, I saw this chic older woman wearing an eyeglass chain. As an FYI, I'm extremely shortsighted and wear glasses when my eyes need a break from contacts, or when I have an important meeting at work, or when I want to look like I have an important meeting at work.

Well, I've been inspired and next on my shopping list: Eyewear chains.

This isn't me, but isn't she cute?!

So what's the consensus? Great or Granny?
Ok, I'm off to start cooking and decoration for Yankee Doodle Cookout 2011.
Have a great weekend!

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