Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday at the Park

Friday K and I (and Alfie!) went and met up with my parents at James Island County Park around 6:00 pm. We set up a delicious picnic at one of the sites along the water. I brought a bottle of "Skinny Girl Margarita" for mom and I to try. I liked it but it's definitely a splurge at $16.00 a pop. (I heard that there will soon be more varieties, these should be fun to try!)

After dinner,K and Dad pulled out the fishing rods and cast a few before the old fishing line snapped on BOTH of thier poles! It was one after the other, the lures popped off and flew into the blue! Whomp Whomp...
I was so proud of my sweet Alfie as he, even off his leash, stayed near and was so well behaved!

We headed over to Gene's for a little shuffleboard game, we were so thrilled that the table was open at 9 pm on a Friday night! After we said goodnight to Mom and Dad, K and I crossed over to VooDoo for one last drink, the Melon Colada, served by beautiful Brittany. Ask for her next time you go!

There was a fun umbrella in the drink and it quickly became my hair decoration.
Finally headed home to catch the new Dual Survival (Hippo Island!). If you haven't seen this show then you need to tune in Fridays at 9pm. Discovery Channel. Boom.

See y'all tomorrow!

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