Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Highfive

TGIF, y'all!  Here is a highfive for making it through the week!
EB is quite the artist these days.  She had a lot of fun with chalk on the back porch...
And with paint at the Children's Museum.  We are obviously still working on 'tasting' everything.
My uncle made these wrought iron "orbs" for us for Christmas and we hung them on our front porch last weekend.  I think I am going to wrap some solar lights inside for a bit of twinkle at night...hopefully they will stand out a bit more as they are currently blending in to the window.
Here we are on our way out the door!  We had a family lunch this week down at Workshop.  This was such a kid friendly spot, lots of safe space for them to run.  We stayed in the food court area, but I can definitely see us returning for a few beers at Edmunds Oast Brewing this Spring.
 I shared my "recipe" for oven chicken parm nearly 7 YEARS ago...but I made it again this week and it remains a fave.
We have a fun weekend ahead!  I am looking forward to the Parade of Nations tonight, my sis-in-laws baby shower tomorrow, and then church and brunch on Sunday.
I hope y'all have a great one!

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