Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Life Lately

So much good stuff going on around here lately...time to share.
Let's start with a Spring Break recap.
Last week we...
Met up with our baby besties at Three Little Birds for a delicious brunch.
Followed by a visit to the aquarium:Caught up with Carrie at East Bay Deli.  Apologies to anyone eating near us for my daughter's unhappy little self.  She has two teeth poking through and this was an especially difficult day.  Exhibit A:
 We checked out the new Frothy Beard location in West Ashley.  My impression was that it was very loud in there, and that the pizza looked delicious...wish I had gotten a slice. 
Our Easter weekend was also very busy...getting the house cleaned up, prepping and cooking for brunch...
Each holiday we've hosted I always mentally resolve to snap a pic of all of the delicious food before it's devoured, and then forget.  Checking my camera roll, this was the only snap from the morning.  
I did get a pic of EB's Easter Basket.  The Easter Bunny brought her a stroller fan, swim diapers, a matching bonnet/bloomer set, and a little bunny plush.
Easter twins!!!
Later in the day...Easter Round 2. 
 I am trying to keep this week super low key...Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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