Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Weekend

Wow, what a great weekend in Charleston!
It was a brisk, busy one for us.  Here are some snaps.
On Friday morning I was up and out the door to head down to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on King Street.  It was such a fun and festive morning with family.
Wearing my great grandfather's (Goat LeaMond's) green velvet fedora. 

We had a big group lunch at the Baystreet Biergarten...I love this spot.
My mom took EB for the afternoon and I stayed around and enjoyed a few rounds out on the patio.  Perfect afternoon.  
I wanted to share where I found EB's darling dress!  I think this could be super cute at Christmastime with a red bow.  It's from this Etsy shop.  Good quality and great price.  She is local to Charleston so I saved on shipping.
Saturday was grocery shopping and then dinner out!  When my in laws suggested they could watch the babe while K and I grabbed dinner, we wholeheartedly agreed.  We went to the Basil in Mt. P.  They have Happy Hour 7 days a week. 
On Sunday we had a fashion show to attend!  Kidding... My sister in law had a pop-up shop party at her house so EB and I got dressed up for the day.  This sweater has been a postpartum favorite:

Wearing another one of my outfits.  
And that's a wrap.  It was a jam packed weekend, definitely taking it easy this week and getting back into our routine.  I hope y'all had a great one!

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