Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Weekend (tick tock tick tock)

Omg, I'm so anxious for my doctor's appointment this afternoon!!
I'm dying to know if there is any further progression or if it's looking like I will linger here for a while.  
So, this weekend was a combination of trying to get as much done as possible while also making an effort to rest and relax... a delicate balance.
I have had this belly casting kit since I was around 20 weeks and figured it was now or never.  I think the finished project is a bit personal to share, but it came out great and it was a fun little project for K and I on Saturday night.
My "Before Baby To Do List" is nearly complete!  We decided to postpone the granite purchase and we have our electrician coming back tomorrow to finish up with a few light fixtures, but the rest of the work is done.  I am going to stop and give myself a pat on the back for a second because I am really proud of how far this house has come since we moved in less than 4 months ago.  I can't do that without also mentioning my parents and, of course, my husband.  We have all spent lots of time and effort pulling things together and I am really grateful.  I probably put more pressure on myself than necessary to get things done, but with a major life event around the corner, having a calm and comfortable home base is key for me.  
I had a $20.00 TJMaxx gift card and decided to use it on myself instead of the baby for a change.  I was able to pick up a new wallet and pair of sunglasses.  The wallet has a removable wrist strap which I think will come in handy over the next few months.  I really need a new handbag but I'm holding off because I'm not sure I will be using one along with my diaper bag.  I will probably just throw my wallet, keys, and phone in there.  
Sidenote: I am consciously savoring any and all solo shopping trips and errands from here forward as I'm aware of how limited they are!
I haven't really noticed any correlation between things I eat and baby movement... until now.  Gf is a little karate kid after a handful of chex mix muddy buddies.  Sugar rush, for sure.  I picked up a bag of this at the store Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.
And last, I used iron on letters from Michaels to monogram this sweet bag hanging in the nursery.  It was a gift from some of the ladies where I work and was made by the same Haitian women who made the folk doll I purchased.  I love the extra sentimental value behind so much of what's in her nursery.
K has my car today and is taking it to have the carseat installed this afternoon.
My mom is coming over tonight to help me set up the guest room (aka "her room")...
busy times. 
Annnnd, I have moved my last day of work up to this Friday.
Let's see if we make it until then...
Ready or not!

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