Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Update

Whew, I am so wiped out.
That's about all the intro I can muster for this post.
Here is a weekend recap.
Fridays are half days for me and I really look forward to having lunch at home.
 This week I made a little buffalo chicken taco. Yum! 
Later we went to California Dreaming for dinner.
I was up early on Saturday to start getting things together for the party on Sunday.  It was so flippin' hot and nasty out, 82 degrees!  (Also not sure why my dash looks so filthy but I just had to show you proof!)
 After a full day of running around, I made jambalaya for dinner:
Woke up to a dreary, chilly Sunday.
Perfect day for some cozy wine sipping, if you ask me!
After a last minute grocery trip for ice, we started to set everything up.
I selected three unusual varietals that were suggested to pair well with your Thanksgiving Feast for the tasting.
We also had a few wines just for sipping.  The Anakena is an unoaked Chardonnay that is simply delish.
Now onto the real star of the show.
We had 2 guest bartenders from Republic Reigns Event Team "R Bar" come out to to show us how to make a festive holiday punch! 
They made a St. Germain/Champagne punch that was light and bubbly. 
They talked to us about all of the elements of a good punch and other mixology trivia.
Chris showed us how to saber a bottle of champagne:
I can not recommend calling these guys enough!  Such a fun idea for upcoming holiday functions.
  Here we are, feeling a bit punchy I'd say :) 
 I don't think I sat down or ate anything of substance the entire day yesterday.
It was so much fun but like I said, I am TOTALLY wiped out.
It's very rare that I order lunch out but today is an exception.
I needed this Grouchos fuel!
I hope that y'all had a great weekend!
I need a nap.

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