Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's Catch Up!

It's been a while since I posted some snaps of the haps 'round here.
Let's see...
I mentioned briefly a couple weeks ago that my brother was off to Asia for a travel adventure. Before he left, we had a little send-off dinner over at the Tattooed Moose on Johns Island. I'm not a fan of their food at all, but it was still nice to have some family time together.
We got together with our Supper Club group 2 Saturdays ago down at The Alley.
My best friend totally appreciated the railroad track photo shoot opportunity (K did not), this was the best we got.  While I may look like I'm wearing a potato sack, I think this would be a cool spot for any real fashion blogger to take pics.
This brings us up to this past Halloweekend.
This was about as festive as it got for me this year.
Candy for breakfast at work on Friday!
 We did not end up attending the Costume Party we had planned to on Friday night.   I loved seeing the pics on Facebook but I'm glad we took it easy instead...I feel like Halloween Scrooge saying that.
I woke up pretty early on Saturday and decided to pick up Bojangles and take my boy to the park to play.
 Oh  my gosh, this picture makes me SO happy, my little breakfast buddy!
Saturday we watched football, I read "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks, and then around dusk we took Alf on a stroll to try and see some trick-or-treaters starting out.  We live in a second floor condo so we never have any kids.  
For dinner K grilled wings and I made a pizza.

On Sunday I met my friend down at Five Loaves on Cannon St. for brunch.
In college I lived less than a block down the street and loved this place.
They only recently began serving Brunch downtown and I've been twice now.
I think it's my favorite brunch in Charleston.
Order the Chicken and Waffles!
 After brunch I swung by the Library downtown to return and renew some books.
Then we took Alfie to Sunrise Park for some more fun.
Pictures don't capture the awesome views from this park.
In highschool it was where kids went for miscellaneous riff-raff and I've only recently started appreciating it! Gorgeous spot.
Dinner was BBQ Shrimp and Grits, I'm a woman obsessed.
 And that's a wrap on our weekend.
How was yours??
What was the best costume you saw?

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