Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Weekend

Happy Monday!  
This weekend was so beautiful, weather wise.
It was also wonderful because we didn't have anything planned and just let the autumn wind take us...
So let's see, 
I loved this Veteran's Day tribute seen on my morning commute last week:
We ended up grabbing dinner at Smoky Oak on Friday night.  I think they have the best burgers and it's just around the corner from us.  As a rule I don't cook Friday nights. :)
On Saturday I ran errands over in Mount Pleasant all morning.  I stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up something light for lunch, ended up with their shrimp spring rolls.  I was disappointed!  They were mostly filled with lettuce which made the overall flavor bland.  Oh well.
When I got home we decided to take Alfie to the park.  
Out on the dock:

The Holiday Festival of Lights opened this weekend, they were turned on as we were leaving.
For dinner Saturday we tried baking filet mignon instead of grilling...
and decided we prefer grilling.  I served these with ceasar salad and scalloped potatoes.
On Sunday we decided to run around and pull some things together for our trip NEXT WEEK!!!!!
We are leaving early next Friday.
 We were leaving Towne Centre and decided to grab a beer at the Windjammer before heading back to James Island.
For dinner I had a barbecue pork roast in the crockpot.  I really love this Hormel Always Tender seasoned roast.  These tend to go on sale during football season and it's great to have one on hand in the freezer.  It's tasty without any additional spice or sauce. 
That's a wrap on our weekend,
I hope y'all had a good one!

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