Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Update

Now that things are back to normal (read: cold) at home, I'll share snaps from our mini staycation this past weekend!
First of all, Saturday was GORGEOUS!
We headed down to the Folly in the AM after a trip to Gold's and the grocery store.  We picked up subs to enjoy on the beach, etc.
Immediately upon arriving, we popped open Miller Lites, threw on our bathing suits, and parked it on the porch: 
 After a few hours on the porch/beach, we had our supper club group over for dinner.  We initially cancelled this month due to our AC issues, but were able to have them join us at the beach last minute.  We had pork loin, parmesan orzo, caesar salad, and garlic bread.
Supper club studs:
We took a night walk on the beach, drank good wine, and enjoyed the sounds of the ocean.
Sunday I was up early and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which we enjoyed...
on the porch!

I sat out there and read (I finally finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy!) until it was time to head back to the real world.
So there you have it, our 24 hour getaway!
How was your weekend?

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