Friday, July 24, 2015


Oh, don't mind us, we're just sweating our behinds off as we deal with a DOA air conditioning unit over here.

Considering the fact that the unit, made in 1993, has gotten me through 6 summers in my current condo, I'm not surprised that it's day has finally come.

Thankfully, we have been surviving the brutal heatwave with a portable unit that we purchased a while back for additional cooling.  We have quarantined our bedroom and have been living out of 300 sq feet. 

Back and forth with several companies, we've been quoted many prices and have finally decided on who we'll move forward with.

Sooooo...Not much attention to the ole blog this week...Hoping for a smooth installation over the weekend.

Oh and I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU my friend Cyd who has graciously offered a night at her family's beach house this weekend so we can experience a night of cool comfort.


Last weekend we hit up Crust for a pizza Friday night.  Yum!   I wore the necklace I found in a thrift store in Bryson City years ago.  I was inspired by our recent trip.
 Blah! I can't find the old picture I took of K just like this,
but it's somewhere on my blog.  
Sunday night we stopped into Charleston Tobacco and Wine so he could get a couple stoags.
(Found it!)
 Then we popped over to Amen Street for their calamari,
 aka best thing you'll ever eat.
Annnnd that's about it.
Because then all hell broke loose and the raging heat took over our house.
Hope y'all have a cool weekend!


  1. That seems to be quite a long time for an AC unit to be functioning. It’s nice to know it has been of good use to you during all that. Anyway, have found a decent AC unit to replace it with? Whichever the case, I hope you’re getting through the heat without it just fine. Cheers!

    Rosa Nelson @ Metcalfe HVAC Service Philadlephia

  2. That air conditioner surely has seen a lot. AC units are only supposed to last about 10-15 years before warranting replacement, but at 22 years, yours should definitely be put to pasture by now. I'm glad that on your next AC hunt, you sourced numerous companies for a comparison--not a lot of people are keen on doing such. Cheers!

    Harry Erickson @ Are You Comfortable

  3. Air conditioner problems always seem to happen at the worse times. Make sure that you are staying well hydrated as sweating can really drain the moisture out of your system quickly, as can alcohol. If possible, open the windows and create a cross breeze. The new unit will be installed before you know it.


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