Friday, August 7, 2015

'Round Here

Hello out there...
This week brought with it some ups and downs,
and we're happy to be moving on to the weekend.
Here's a little gif from our time spent at the beach 2 weeks back.
The view just never gets old.
Last Saturday we celebrated our friend's 30th at a surprise party up at his parents' home in Summerville.
It was a fun time, complete with a bourbon and cigar bar.  K was very happy.
We caught the Counting Crows show courtesy of Lexus on Wednesday.
It was packed!  We went mostly to hear Citizen Cope open and left shortly after the Crows played "Mr. Jones".   
I made Carolina Charm's vegetarian enchiladas for dinner on Monday.
I subbed the black beans in her recipe with shredded chicken breasts and used colby jack on top.  They were delicious.  
I will never again make enchiladas sans yellow rice.  
Photo courtesy of Christina's site.
And one last picture of my angel snoozing on a car ride recently.
It doesn't get any sweeter.

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