Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bridal Beauty: Skincare Regime

Good Morning, Before I get into my scheduled post I want to say Happy Birthday to my brother!!!
I am so excited to celebrate tonight! 
I'm never that interested in reading about other people's skincare routines, however I decided today to share mine because I have recently begun to give it much more thought (so sorry if this bores you).  I have always had sensitive skin.  In highschool I had eczema pretty severe, but it cleared up in College for which I was so grateful.  I breakout pretty regularly also, always have, but it's not something that has ever really upset me or affected my self esteem.  "It is what it is."  I am definitely a girly girl, but I'm also low maintenance.  I'm an oxymoron!
After my Natura Bisse Diamond Glow facial a couple weeks back I took the plunge and purchased products from their line.  From there I looked at the other products I was using (or not using) and made some changes.  Let me tell you about it:
AM Routine
Each morning I wash my face with Neutrogena's facial bar.  I have used this soap off and on forever, as recommended by a dermatologist in highschool, and so I feel confident that it's an effective cleanser.  From there I use an organic CC cream by Physicians Formula. 
PM Routine

While in the mornings I typically feel rushed to get out the door, in the evenings I am really able to spend some time on myself.  I use a face brush (from Sally Beauty) to clean my face with Ellen Tracy's Age Renewal Cleanser.  From there I use a Clearasil Spot treatment on any pronounced blemishes. 
I use Natura Bisse's Oxygen Cream as my nightly moisturizer and I love it.  It smells great, absorbs quickly, and instantly cools and refreshes my skin. 
I also purchased Natura Bisse's Stabilizing Cleansing Mask.  I splurged on this product, it runs around $50.00, because you can use it 3 ways.  I am currently using it as a weekly mask, however combined with a little bit of water, you can use it as a cleanser.  You can also use it as a spot treatment on any trouble zones.
Triple threat baby!
I'm no skincare guru, but this is what I'm doing in order to ensure my skin is at it's best for the coming months of showers, parties, and photos of me galore.
Happy Thursday!!

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