Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, what up!

I did my grocery shopping last night and found these chicken thighs for a super deal with my VIC card (less than $3.00 ready to grill baby!).


(in my quest of eating 'out of the box', i have found nothing harder to resist than stove top mac n cheese)

Dinner tonight. Yum yum yum!
I found this Dry Shampoo at TJ Maxx on Saturday.  I don't have naturally blonde hair, but was hoping that the "hint of colour" would emphasize the highlights that I do have.  I like it alot, the smell is so fresh and the blonde is subtle enough for my hair. Love!
And last, an interesting point to share with you all.  I am a bargain hunter in all areas of my life, including happy hour.  This may be obvious to some ((and if you don't like champagne it will be irrelevant)) but a champagne pour and a wine pour are the exact same at most bars.  I say this because there can be a legit price difference in a glass of wine vs champagne, i.e. the champagne is cheaper.  I mentioned my curiosity to a bartender this weekend and he showed me, with water, that it is the exact same amount.  And then I saved $2.00 and switched my order!  You may already know this, or you may not care, but I thought I would mention that I've looked into and found the truth!!!

I hope your week is going well!

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