Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I Never Knew I Loved

While I haven't yet published my Thoughts on Tradition post that I hope to spend some time on this weekend (what time? i have no time!), I will most certainly mention that one tradition I do not really agree with is this one: Couples should not live together until marriage.  I do not fault those who do respect this tradition, but from my experience I believe it to be a mistake...please note the emphasis on my experience!
So many of K's quirks and interests were not yet apparent to me until we moved in together. 
(And so many of my own only became obvious to me when seen through his eyes on a day in, day out basis.)
Anyway, Here are a few of the things that I never realized I would find interesting/enjoyable until K shared his love with me:

This is basically the financial news channel.  This is always the first thing on at our house in the mornings.  Let me tell you, when I first watched this station I was overwhelmed by all of the scrolling banners, stock quotes, etc.  There are 5 different things going on at once.  But I must say that I've grown to follow!  My absolute favorite anchor is Becky Quick:

I have also come to love the All-Star Panel on Fox News every night at 6:45.
"Fair, Balanced, and Unafraid" I love it!  K only watches to hear Charles Krauthammer:
I've really enjoyed keeping up with the news.  I am formerly of the "Ignorance is Bliss" school of thought re: current events.  But no more! no no! 

Also, Pork Tenderloin.  What can I say, I never ate this growing up, and it really is delicious:
and paper towels. 

I still don't buy them, but I have to admit I like that K does.
Oh, and I can't forget Finding Bigfoot.
He has also generally opened my eyes to the joys of Mt. Pleasant.  Ever since my grandparents moved from Sullivan's I have more or less avoided the area due to traffic and overall congestion, but I have come around to all of the perks.  I still think my parents would not be very happy if we ever decided to move "all the way" over there.
 JI for life!
and of course, Jazz Music.

That is all for now. 
What are some of your significant other's interests that you have come to enjoy?

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