Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello July!

Well well well, it's been yet another busy week over here...
These hydrangeas came from the yard. 

I made Pioneer Woman's corn casserole for a retirement luncheon. Yum.

Ladies Night!

Oh man, too.much.cuteness.

We decided to cross something off the bucket list, go to the top of the round Holiday Inn.  Both K and I are native Charlestonians and yet we've never been.  And well, the view was great.  But once you get over that, which takes about 5 minutes, it's just a Holiday Inn bar.  (P.S. I've always thought this looks like a large sunglass rack. Yes?)

I need to learn the art of a self portrait, but isn't it a nice view?
Hey hey it's July! What's up!

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