Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have no Pin-ergy

We painted my bedroom in three hours yesterday.  Hot dang!
First up:
Today's agenda:
Neighborhood House
Late lunch with Kristina!
Reorganize bathroom cabinets
Bodypump at Golds

One week from today my agenda will look like this:

Ok y'all, so I finally logged into my Pinterest account for the first time last night.  First thought: very overwhelming!  I think I will save up my "pin-ergy" until I'm planning a wedding or a party or something.  For day to day life, I can't handle so many additional ideas in my head!
I did, however, pin this:
Basically you send Mickey and Minnie an invite to your wedding and they politely decline and send you a fun  photo of themselves!  K loves Disney World so much and this is a really cute idea.
Other than that, I'm lost.

What do you have going on this week??
I assume you use and love Pinterest?  I'm really late on this!

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